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High Velocity Outlets

Founded in 2016, is a specialized online distributor for The Unico System, a leading manufacturer of small-duct high-velocity central heating and air conditioning systems, serving HVAC technicians, installers, builders, contractors, and home owners in USA and Canada.

Natural Brick & Stone Depot

Founded in 2019, is an online distributor of natural stone products, specialized in thin stone veneer and full bed thickness building stone. We ship throughout Canada and USA, to builders, designers, contractors, and DIY individuals. We service small renovation projects all the way up to large-scale commercial builds.

Patio Heat Direct

Founded in 2020, is an Ontario based online distributor of elite patio heating equipment, specialized in IR Energy and Schwank products, serving clients in USA and Canada.

Air Curtains Direct

Founded in 2022, is an online direct distributor of industrial and commercial entrance air control systems, specialized in SchwankAir products, serving clients throughout USA and Canada.

Steel Roof Depot [Beta] is an online direct distributor of high grade steel roofing systems, for residential home construction projects and renovations, serving customers throughout Canada and USA.

Wall SPC [Beta] is a direct online distributor specialized in Siding, Panels, and Cladding, serving commercial and residential builders in Canada and USA.

Floor Heat Depot [Beta] is an online direct distributor of residential and commercial floor heating systems, equipment, and replacement parts, serving builders and contractors throughout Canada and USA.

ERV Depot [Beta] is an online direct distributor of Energy Recovery Ventilator systems, serving HVAC clients throughout USA and Canada.

Natural Headstones Direct [Beta] is an online distributor of handcrafted natural stone memorial pieces, serving clients throughout Canada and USA.

Elite Hot Tub Depot [Beta] is an Ontario based online direct distributor of luxury hot tubs, spas, parts and accessories, serving customers in Canada and USA.

EVT Depot [Beta] is an online direct distributor of all-electric heavy duty vehicles, batteries, replacement parts, and charging equipment, serving commercial clients throughout Canada and USA.

Holistic Gemstone Jewelry [2019 – 2023] – Online distributor for Wellness practitioner Ermina Tsounis, Athens, Greece. Handmade custom semi-precious gem stone bracelets, malas, and fashion accessories.

E-Commerce Business Solutions

Founded in 2004 by Dave Hammond, ship2user is a seasoned developer, owner, and operator of a growing portfolio of specialized e-commerce assets.
Our Process
  • Product

    Partner with industry leading manufacturers

  • Platform

    Build specialized e-commerce solutions

  • Promote

    As a brand ambassador, elevate online exposure via search and social media

  • Perform

    Accelerate sales and maintain 100% customer satisfaction

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Dave Hammond
Dave Hammond
Founder & CEO
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+1 (416) 389-6762
Debrani Ghosh
Debrani Ghosh
VP Marketing
[email protected]
+1 (416) 797-1976
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